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North Carolina State University

Updated: September 14, 2018

Total number of tenure-track or tenured faculty


Number of women in tenure-track or tenured faculty positions


[Calculated] Percentage of women in tenure-track or tenured faculty positions


Total number of graduate students


Number of women graduate students


[Calculated] Percentage of women graduate students


Total number of post doctoral associates


Number of women post doctoral associates


[Calculated] Percentage of women post doctoral associates


Is there a family leave policy for graduate students? If so, describe.

Yes, the graduate school has a six week parental leave for graduate students for the birth or care of a newborn, or placement or care of an adopted or foster child. The student may also utilize a leave-of-absence (LOA) policy that is often used for family leave reasons. The academic clock stops for a student on LOA until he or she returns to active student status.

Is there family health insurance for graduate students? If so, is it included in the stipend?

Graduate students may purchase dependent healthcare at their own expense.

Do you have a Woman in Physics Group? If yes, please include link to their website if they have one.


Do you have a Physics Graduate Student Association? If yes, please include link to their website if they have one.


What other relevant student groups are there in your institution?

Society of Physics Students,
Astronomy Club,
Artificial Intelligence Club,

Has your institution ever hosted a Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics? If yes, which year?

Yes, 2011 and co-hosted in 2015

Has your institution ever hosted an APS Climate Site Visit for Women and Minorities in Physics?

Yes, 1994 and 2014

Please describe why someone applying to graduate school who is interested in a female-friendly department should choose your department.

Our department has an extremely high fraction of tenured or tenure-track female faculty for major physics department in the nation, and all of them lead active research groups. We pride ourselves in providing a supporting environment regardless of each student's gender, race, or nationality. In our recently-renovated building, incoming graduate students share an office space, computer lab, and lounge designed to foster community and collaboration. Weekly lunchtime discussions of current research topics provide a forum for connecting with faculty in the department. Campus programs such as WISE (Women in Science and Engineering) provide dormitory space and programming for undergraduate science majors, and many undergraduate women participate in physics research alongside graduate students. For married graduate students and their families, the university provides a village of apartments specifically designed for them. This complex is directly adjacent to campus and provides a close-knit community which graduate students with young families find particularly hospitable and convenient.

Please include the name of faculty or staff member and an email they can be reached at for further questions.

Rhonda Bennett, Graduate and Undergraduate Student Adminstrator,

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